How SIAK Produced An Incredible Christmas Whiskey Decal for M&S

The team at SIAK recently completed a project that we are extremely proud of.

Get your Christmas spirits flowing with this unique, limited edition whiskey from M&S Supermarket! The decal on this glass bottle features the unique Christmas whiskey decal manufactured by Siak Transfers for M&S.

M&S Christmas Whiskey

Briefing and Design Process

The client briefed us on this project about 6 months ago, with detailed instructions on how they wanted this full wrap decal to look. They also requested two hot foil stamps over the top of the colour. So we got straight to work developing the design that captured their vision while still achieving technical excellence in production quality.

Print Production

With the design finalised, it was time to move into production! We printed the decal using UV ink on our Sakurai printing machines. This part of the process proved more difficult than expected as there were some issues with getting specific colours just right for this particular project. However, we were able to overcome these challenges and produce a beautiful final product that met all expectations from our client!

The Foil Stamp

One of the most ambitious parts of this project was creating two hot foil stamps over the top of colour for added effect – something we had never done before! To achieve this, we had to find a new foil supplier who could provide us with exactly what we needed. Thankfully, after some searching, we were able to source the needed materials and add those two special touches to finish off this beautiful decal. 

The Result

In the end, our efforts paid off! We created an incredible Christmas Whisky decal that both our client and ourselves were extremely proud of. Working on such intricate projects like these can be incredibly challenging yet rewarding at the same time – teaching us something new every step along the way!

The Feedback

After all the hard work and effort put into this project, SIAK was thrilled to receive positive feedback from both M&S Team members and customers alike. Praise came in regarding the impeccable colours, foils, design as well as overall quality of the decal – making it a job well done!

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